Investor Questions

Why should I invest via Slate Alt’s platform?

There are many reasons and we’ve illustrated most of them here. But above all, your participation in this unique ecosystem is a huge testament of your involvement in and optimism about humankind’s future. By this we are most heartened, and we thank you.


What are the eligibility requirements of Investors within the Slate Alt ecosystem?

In order to register as an Investor, you will have to be either:

• an accredited investor as recognised under Singapore law, and the equivalent under the relevant laws and regulations of your country of residence or of incorporation, if such country is not Singapore; or

• an institutional investor as recognised under Singapore law, and the equivalent under the relevant laws and regulations of your country of incorporation, if such country is not Singapore.

Who qualifies as an Accredited Investor?

If you are an individual, you may be considered an Accredited Investor under Singapore law if:

• the value of your total net personal assets exceeds S$2 million; or

• your income in the preceding 12 months is at least S$300,000.

If you are a corporation, you may be considered an accredited investor under Singapore law if the corporation has net assets of more than S$10 million.

Who qualifies as an Institutional Investor?

Your corporation may be considered an Institutional Investor under Singapore law if it is:

• a pension fund or a collective investment scheme;

• a corporation that primarily deals in bonds with accredited investors or expert investors;

• a bank licensed in Singapore;

• a merchant bank approved as a financial institution in Singapore;

• a finance company licensed in Singapore;

• an insurance company licensed in Singapore;

• a trust company licensed in Singapore; or

• a holder of a Singapore capital market services license.

A more complete definition of Institutional Investors may be found under s4(A)(1)(c) of the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore.

How do I participate in Slate Alt’s collective evaluation process?

When an Innovator has successfully passed Slate Alt’s curation, a deal room is created. Investors will then have two weeks to review the documents provided and post questions they might have concerning all aspects, whether commercial or technical, of the Innovation in question.

The management team and Experts that have been invited to join the evaluation panel will respond in the deal room to these queries within one week.

Subsequently, Investors may participate in scheduled calls with the management team and Experts. Depending on complexity and size of the fundraise, there will typically be two to three such investor calls per deal.

What are my options for a premature investment exit?

Currently, there is limited liquidity on an investment until there is an exit event (e.g. a trade sale or an IPO). However, if an Investor has found a willing buyer for his stake in an investment, we will be glad to, for a fee, facilitate the corresponding change in ownership within the investment holding vehicle, provided that the buyer is willing and able to meet regulatory, compliance and internal requirements. Please contact us if you would like to effect such a change.

Meanwhile, know that we are working hard to provide a novel liquidity solution to what has otherwise been long accepted as an opaque and illiquid asset class.

Why do I have to request for access to a deal room?

Innovators pour their lives into their work and we firmly believe that such proprietary and confidential information is valuable and has to be protected. It is an unfortunate reality that technological secrets and competitive advantages are misappropriated and infringed upon at all. Innovators must be afforded the ability to protect their assets.

In seeking deal room access, an Investor will first be subject to a non-disclosure agreement. The Innovator will then review only the relevant aspects of Investor’s profile and either accept or reject such access request. An Investor should expect to receive a response to such request within 24 hours.

What is the smallest ticket size?

We propose that private capital-raising be democratised. Slate Alt’s platform gives Investors access to future-forward Innovations from as little as US$5,000 per investment.

What level of reporting and accountability should I expect post-investment?

We recognise reporting and accountability as central tenets of any investment. Slate Alt’s Innovators agree to provide its Investors with documents and information including the following in a timely manner:

• Audited annual financial statements

• Biannual milestone and management updates

• Updates on any change in capital

• Updates on any change in corporate information

• Updates on any acquisitions or disposals of assets

Innovator questions

How do I fund my innovation through Slate Alt?

We’ve kept this simple. Register as an Innovator and you will be taken through a quick and straightforward digital onboarding process – we encourage you to be as comprehensive as possible so that we may best grasp the uniqueness that is your innovation and business. We will then schedule for a call within the next two business days to help both your team and ours establish an understanding of how we can help you achieve your business and capital raising goals.

For the right innovations, our team then commences on a pre-evaluation phase comprising the following aspects:

• corporate/commercial; and

• technical. This will typically involve two or three of our technical Experts to be pre-approved by you.

Once your innovation successfully passes Slate Alt’s pre-evaluation metrices, a deal room for your innovation will be launched on Slate Alt’s platform for Investors to access. Here, you get to interact directly and all at once with all Investors that have expressed interest in your innovation.

What are Slate Alt’s pre-evaluation criteria?

We live vicariously through our bright Innovators with brave ambitions of driving sustainable and meaningful change through innovation. If your team identifies with this and the company also fulfills the following preliminary criteria, we’d love to get in touch:

• has at least two full-time personnel assigned with the development of the innovation;

• has generated significant amounts of research/ data that supports the core of your innovation and its value proposition;

• can strongly justify at least one promising commercial application for the innovation; and

• has independent parties with an aggregate of no less than US$30,000 invested in the company, or has raised no less than US$100,000 in grants (these figures are indicative – promising innovations will not be left behind on the mere basis that these numbers are unmet).


If any of this seems a tad tricky for you to fulfil, please don’t hesitate to chat with us. Leave your details with us and bring to our attention how we may aid in the development of your innovation; we will be happy to help you along in any way that we can. Be a part of our movement to break down the traditional silos that hinder the advancement of deep technology.

How much funding should I be seeking for my innovation?

There’s much literature on this subject but the circumstances are unique every time so reach out to us and let us walk with you through it.

Slate Alt’s platform is available to innovations seeking funding from US$250,000, whether as an exclusive fundraise or as part of a larger tranche.

Who gets access to my information?

As an Innovator and the owner of all such information, you get to determine which Experts and Investors within the Slate Alt ecosystem shall be privy to the information you share in your deal room.

Even prior to being granted specific access, all such parties will have had to agree to being bound by strict confidentiality terms by way of a non-disclosure agreement (this on top of obligation to adhere to our Terms of Use).

What is the timeline for funding my innovation through Slate Alt?

This ultimately depends on the complexity of your innovation and its applications, and the sum to be raised. While we are continually growing our global and diverse network of Investors so as to optimise the Investor-Innovator relationship, investor education will continue to be the largest factor that drives investment decisions and this takes time.

Generally, we recommend that from the time your material is ready you factor in an approximately 6-week pre-evaluation, and then approximately 3 months for deal completion.

What happens post-funding?

The strength of an ecosystem lies in establishing a firm foundation of trust. This is best achieved by keeping all stakeholders well informed of issues that might potentially affect them.

We have simplified and standardised this announcement and reporting process for Innovators, so that you can dedicate your time and focus to developing your innovations and companies, while keeping our Investors informed and assured.

Slate Alt’s Innovators agree to provide its Investors with documents and information including the following in a timely manner:

• Audited annual financial statements

• Biannual milestone and management updates

• Updates on any change in capital

• Updates on any change in corporate information

• Updates on any acquisitions or disposals of assets

Expert questions

Who qualifies as an Expert within the Slate Alt ecosystem?

You may qualify as an Expert if you are at least one of the following:

• An established practitioner within any deep-technology vertical. While IPs generated by Innovators form the nucleus of innovation, successful commercialisation requires the combined expertise of seasoned practitioners across the entire value chain – from operations and strategy to regulation and distribution.

• A holder of an advanced degree in a field within any deep-technology vertical.

• Someone who has successfully guided the commercialisation or market adoption of deep-technology solutions within your industry or across industries.

• A thought leader/ enthusiast with a firm grasp of emerging trends and developments within your area of specialisation and a strong desire to see the advancement of innovations for the betterment of humankind.

Why should I participate in the Slate Alt ecosystem as an Expert?

Too often, innovations with the potential to both improve lives and deliver significant financial returns are passed on by investors because these investors are not fully equipped to review the technical aspects of these innovations. As an Expert, you gain exposure to these very innovations within your fields of interest and specialisation that seek further development and commercialisation. You play a pertinent role in giving a second opinion on and demystifying the technical viability and industry fundamentals of the innovation at hand. This would empower potential financial enablers to make such evaluations with renewed clarity.

Innovators are possibly the foremost beneficiaries of questions posed and feedback provided by our Experts – fresh perspectives and expert critique help them to refine and apply their innovations with more nuanced considerations.

Real scientific advancement is often the result of open but well-managed collaboration, and our Experts are a very key component within the Slate Alt ecosystem if these innovations are to be successfully nurtured and adopted at scale. Explore the myriad opportunities that come with your expanded professional network aboard our ecosystem. Come join us as we tear down the traditional walls that once stood between research and innovation, in a safe space where all stakeholders gather to power tomorrow’s innovations.

How are Experts compensated?

We recognise the value of quality expertise that gets shared within our Slate Alt ecosystem and firmly believe that it should be rewarded. This transfer of knowledge across industries is crucial to the successful development and commercialisation of innovations and we endeavour to share the gains of such successes equitably across our ecosystem.

As a capital raiser, commercialisation enabler and ecosystem builder, we have aligned our own compensation structure such that the bulk of financial compensation for our services and expertise be earned only in the event of a successful exit. As and when Slate Alt charges a carry on the successful exit of an investment, a portion of such carry is shared with Experts as payment for knowledge shared and expertise rendered. However, we do not guarantee that every deal will allow for a carry to be earned. As an Expert, you have the right to turn down participation in such deals (or any other deal), but we would love for you to join us and to be the much-needed catalysts to drive worthy innovations forward for the betterment of mankind.

How are Experts and their insights protected?

All participants within the Slate Alt ecosystem must agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Having done so, all participants agree that:

• Views shared by Experts within the Slate Alt ecosystem should be taken as opinions and not statements of fact. Innovators and Investors alike are made aware of this when they sign up with the platform and must agree to hold Experts harmless for views expressed in good faith. All users should understand that Experts should not be liable for their opinions being construed as fact;

• All information generated by participants within the Slate Alt ecosystem (including all forms of Expert contribution) is protected – participants are obligated to keep all such information strictly confidential; and

• All information obtained from Slate Alt’s platform is to be used for the sole purpose of evaluating and forming a responsible opinion of the relevant innovation.

How much time should I expect to commit as an Expert?

As an Expert, you should expect Slate Alt to reach out for your evaluation expertise when a relevant opportunity is identified. Key elements of the evaluation engagement process include:

• Acceptance of evaluation offer and related confidentiality agreements (typically completed within a one-week period).

• Assessment of technical and strategic development of the innovation. This involves giving an objective review and second opinion of the innovation, answering questions put forth by Slate Alt and/ or potential Investors, and giving feedback and recommendations (typically completed within a two-week period).

• Possible involvement in up to two investor calls alongside the Innovator’s management teams (typically completed within a three-month period).