Our Raison d’etre

We embrace positively impacting the world
through meaningful technological advancement.

Our strategy brings together impactful innovations,
patient capital, technical and industry expertise,
and long-standing corporate relationships;
each element imperative to navigating the often complex journey
of building and deploying breakthrough, net-positive innovations.

To the innovators building ground-breaking solutions
designed for the betterment of human living,
we give voice so that together we elevate and we empower.

Who We Are

Ernest Xue

Taking a deep interest in helping innovations commercialise and the people behind them succeed, Ernest believes there is a better way to help both innovators and investors achieve sustainable returns. Prior to co-founding Slate Alt, he was with DeClout Limited, a listed technology incubator, where he built the venture arm and worked on numerous M&A transactions, restructurings and exits for the firm. He began his career as an investment analyst in one of Singapore's largest private wealth management houses, where he was part of the firm's investment committee governing over S$1bn in assets and helped establish their real estate private equity division. 

He serves as the Head of Hello Tomorrow Singapore, part of a global non-profit driving deep-tech innovation and as an advisor and mentor to a number of ambitious start-ups.

Xin Yi Tow

In a previous life Xin was an investment banker taking companies public on the SGX, and structuring M&A and other equity capital market transactions. She became convinced that private equity would be a much superior asset class (and source of capital) if but intermediated within sound infrastructure. She then co-founded Slate Alt in order to build precisely that – a curated ecosystem of alternative investors, future-forward innovators and curious tech experts.

Lilian Sim

Lilian has been honing a highly specialised set of skills in the financial sector for more than two decades. From reading forex and money markets trends, to analysing and marketing SGX-listed companies to a wide investor pool, she has helped countless retail to large-cap institutional funds navigate and maximise their returns from the Singapore equity market. Having spent most  of her time in the rat race as an award-winning analyst across numerous major brokerage houses, she left JP Morgan as Head of Research and then proceeded to help build one of Singapore's leading investor relations firms.

Marcus Li

Prior to joining Slate Alt, Marcus was a corporate restructuring lawyer, and primarily advised and represented SGX-listed and multi-national corporations in cross-jurisdictional restructurings. Such restructurings include the US$3.2bn restructuring of Jurong Aromatics Corporation, that of Indonesian coal giant, PT Bumi Resources Tbk, and of the formerly SGX-listed Mercator Lines (Singapore) Ltd. As a former lawyer, his interactions with SMEs revealed tremendous value in an ecosystem that promotes innovation and the commercialisation of such ideas. In joining Slate Alt, Marcus hopes to help create an equitable and accountable landscape in which start-ups may thrive and further develop their capabilities.